Water Sign  - Wen's Floral X WSA

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Water Sign - Wen's Floral X WSA

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 Wen's Floral bouquet X WSA concept

A bouquet for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

What it says about you?

Femininity, Elegance, Heartfelt Emotions

"Where the light does not reach, is the true depth which few explored.
Never test the depth of the water with both feet. Yet one cannot truly appreciate what is under the waters without conquering their fear of the waters. The deeper one dives, the more there is to uncover. Your bouquet showcases your Femininity, and that there is more than what the surface shows. People call you emotional, but love was never meant to be logical.

It takes the extra effort and leap of faith to truly realize what kind of lover you are."

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Some flowers are seasonal, if any blooms are not available, we will substitute them with flowers of similar value. Each arrangement is individually made uniquely, variances may occur and the final product may not resemble the picture shown completely. 

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