About us

Wen’s Floral Studio - Where Blooms Meet Purpose

Founded in 2019 by Wen, a former Engineer turned floral enthusiast at the age of 24, Wen’s Floral Studio is more than a flower shop—it's a sanctuary where blooms transcend fragrance, becoming bestowers of inner peace.

Inspired by nature's tranquility, Wen’s Floral Studio was born from a single bloom—a symbol of love and life's poetry. Recognizing the transformative power of well-crafted bouquets, we've discovered that flowers speak a language of emotions. This realization forms the heart of Wen’s Floral Studio, where we translate floral stories into artistry.

Our mission goes beyond crafting exquisite arrangements. At Wen's Floral Studio, we're devoted to propagating joy, nurturing sustainability, and leaving a positive imprint on our community and the environment.

Guided by core values, we responsibly source eco-friendly, locally grown blooms, reducing our carbon footprint. Every arrangement at Wen’s Floral Studio tells a story of purpose, embodying the spirit of giving back to the world.

As we grow, our commitment to social responsibility deepens. We explore innovative ways to reduce ecological impact, support marginalized communities, and contribute to a more sustainable floral industry.

In Wen’s Floral Studio, each flower is handpicked, and every arrangement is crafted with special attention to detail. Our aim is to brighten your days, sowing the seeds of a more compassionate and sustainable future.

Wen’s Floral Studio aspires to walk through your journey, enhancing every step with the beauty and purpose found in nature's poetry.

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